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Everything You Wanted to Know about

Kreative Crafts Children's Private Paint Parties


We receive many questions about our Paint Parties.  Here are some answers to help make your party a success!


How Do I Reserve a Date and Time for My Party?

Check the calendar on the front page.  If the date you would like is free, just fill out the form link and pay the deposit required.  This will put your party on the calendar.  We need a weeks notice in advance of the party.  The calendar fills up quickly, so reserve as soon as your venue is confirmed.  Daytime parties have a start time that normally ranges between 12:00pm and 2:00pm.  Many nighttime parties begin after 5:00pm.


What kind of venue do you recommend for my child's birthday party?

Any venue that can accomodate your attendees.  Many clients host parties at their homes, community centers, churchs, rec room, community rooms etc.  


What is your minimum and maximum number of attendees and How Much are Attendees?

Our minimum number of children's party attendees is 5 and our maximum number is 30.


15 children for $300 (each additional child is $10 each)

For parties with 5 to 10 attendees - $25 per person

Birthday child is free with party of 11 or more  


Do I need to make a deposit?
Yes, If you are paying for the party, please click the deposit link and make a non-refundable payment of $50. The balance of your party, will be due at the beginning of the party.  Your deposit will be subtracted from the cost of your party. 


I don't want to collect money, is there a way my attendees can pay for themselves?

Yes, we can create an eventbrite link that you can send to your attendees for payment.  They willl have until 8:30pm the night before the event to pay for their seat.  The link will close at this time. We just need a completed form with the picture you are painting to create the link. 


What payment do you accept?

If you are paying for the entire party, we accept cash, check and paypal.  We can send you a paypal link on the day of the event to make your payment easier.


When is the balance due?
The balance is due at your party.


What am I responsible to provide?

All you need to provide is a venue with tables and chairs to suit all your guests.  We bring everything else.


What size canvases do the children paint on?

Children up to the age of 12 paint on 12X12 canvases.  Parties for pre teens to the age of 17 will paint on 11X14.   This allots about 30 to 45 minutes for painting.  This is the standard amount of time for children's attention.  


Do you provide food and beverages?

No, we do not provide food and beverages for children's parties.  On occasion we will host paint parties at ACMoore.   The cost for those tickets normally include the price to paint, a snack and box juice.  

How long does a party last and how should I plan my food around the painting?

The painting portion of a party typically last between 45 to 60 minutes depending on the painting selected.  We require  1 hour to set-up and 15 to 20 min. to clean-up.  We return the room back to you the way it was received.  When planning your party, please instruct attendees on the invite that painting will begin on time and that they should plan to arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before the paint time so that they can pick an easle and get comfortable.    


When planning food and birthday cake and celebration, we recommend painting first then gathering your attendees for the food and cake cutting.  We DO NOT break while painting to eat or sing because once kid's leave, they will not come back.  We do allow drinking with enclosed cups while painting but due to the paint set-up space there may be a limited area for your guest to place their drinks on the tables.   If you plan to eat on the same tables that we are painting on, please plan in about a 15 minute clean up period so that we can remove out items from the table so you can use it to eat. 


Children arriving more than 30 minutes after the painting begins will not be allowed to paint because we will not have time to catch them up.  The host will still be responsible for payment of the absent attendee.  Many times when this happens hosts normally grab a parent or sit themselves and paint.  


What happens if my attendees are not at the party by the time it is scheduled to begin?

We give a 15 min. grace period but then must start the party.  Parties that begin more than 20 minutes after the time given to Kreative Crafts will incur an additional $50 fee. 


How do I choose a painting?
You may choose your painting from among the options offered on the Kreative Crafts painting gallery.  If you have a special theme and would like a specific painting, we can discuss other options that are appropriate for your group.  


What should we wear?
We provide smocks for the kids but recommend that they wear older, paint friendly party clothes.  No long sleeve shirts and no expensive shoes.  You may get paint on your hands at some point during the party!  We use acrylic paint, it is non-toxic and is easy to remove from skin but not from clothing. 


Do I need to provide music?
No, we use the Kid's Bop station on Pandora Radio and base the music selection on the attendees.  If you would like to choose your own music that is fine as well.  We ask that your music be appropriate for every audience, therefore please refrain from music with curse words or inappropriate situations.  We want to make the painting experience one that is pleasant and comfortable for all attendees. 







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